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Capital Health, headquartered in Abu Dhabi, is a private and integrated healthcare group that operates two healthcare facilities in the UAE. Capital Health unites business stakeholders with the physicians, clinicians, therapists and nursing staff, for the betterment of our healthcare system.

Capital Health's flagship facilities are Specialized Rehabilitation Hospital (SRH)- a specialty hospital that provides acute and log-term rehabilitation care, along with in-patient, out-patient and home care capabilities- and Health Shield Medical Center (HSmc)- a multispecialty healthcare facility with out-patient (one-day surgery) capabilities.

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Capital Health


  • Specialized Rehabilitation Hospital
  • Health Shield Medical Center

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To be the most trusted private healthcare group in the UAE and be highly respected internationally.


We are committed to providing all our clients and their families the highest quality medical care leveraging state of the art technologies and harvesting the highest standards of clinical talent.


  • Quality and pride in everything we do.
  • Commitment to improving the lives of patients.
  • Integrity and respect as the basis for all our relationships.
  • Effective collaboration and teamwork to drive results.
  • Creativity, innovation and continuous improvement that shapes our future.